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FREE SHIPPING within Canada when you spend $79+

Canadiana Dark Chocolate Bar


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Our Canadiana chocolate bar exemplifies Canada's long history of sweet & salty culinary traditions, which obviously includes maple syrup! Salt is the ultimate flavour enhancer so we combined the salty with the sweet, bringing you a wonderfully delicious chocolate experience. Oh Canada!

Bean-to-bar dark chocolate

The exceptional cacao beans in this chocolate bar are sourced directly from small cacao growers in Haiti, Guatemala, and Belize. These farmers are paid a premium and stable price which helps them plan for continued prosperity and support the biodiversity of their farms and the local environment. 

We take this fine cacao and roast, winnow, refine, temper, pour, and package our chocolate all by hand in Cobble Hill, BC. This supports our local economy and gives you a divine chocolate bar to enjoy.

Now Minimum 75% cacao.


organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic dried apples, organic maple syrup flakes, alder smoked salt.


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