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FREE SHIPPING within Canada when you spend $79+

Mustard Seeds - Bag 130g


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Grind our organic mustard seeds to release their potent flavour, and add them to your salad dressings, spice rubs, soups, and even cheese sauces! They add a great spice flavour to chicken and beef, especially grilled or roast beef. 

Simple side dish: cook shallots with mustard, garlic, oil, and vinegar. 

Hot tip: add mustard at the end of the cooking process. Pair it with a cucumber to cut the spice of mustard. 

Ingredient: organic dried whole mustard seeds
Country of origin: Canada
Latin name: brassica nigra

Store in a cool, dry place.

Our mustard seeds spice bag and labels are 100% plastic free and compostable.

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