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Cow Bay Seafood Spice - Bag 300g


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Our Cow Bay Seafood Spice Blend is inspired by Cowichan Bay, our quaint seaside neighbour, which also happens to be a mecca of wonderful food. Based on the Old Bay seasoning this spice bend is meant to highlight our ocean's bounty with a depth of flavour and a kick of heat in the Southern seafood tradition. Try it in a crab boil with lemons and garlic, crusted onto spot prawns, mixed into cornmeal for fried oysters or dusted on fish! We love it on everything! 

Instructions for optimal pleasure: Sprinkle directly onto your favourite seafood or add to a dredging mix for coating seafood. Use to season the water for boiling shellfish - 1/4 cup per 5 pounds of seafood. Blend a tablespoon to 1/2 cup of unsalted butter with a generous squeeze of lemon juice for an excellent multi-purpose compound butter.

Ingredients: Mayan sea salt, organic celery seed, organic paprika, organic ginger, organic yellow mustard, organic bay leaf, organic black pepper, organic cayenne, organic spices.

Our Cow Bay Seafood Spice pouch and labels are 100% plastic free and compostable.

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