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Allspice, Whole - Bag 80g


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Allspice is a staple flavour in savoury Caribbean jerk seasonings and is a great addition to sausages, curries and pickling preparations. The small fruits of the allspice shrub are harvested when green and then dried in the sun to develop their flavour. The result is a blend in taste and aroma of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg with just a slight peppery heat. Commonly used in North American and European baking, allspice lends its unique flavour to sweet cakes, loaves, cookies and breads.

Mix whole allspice with coconut milk, simple syrup and a squeeze of lime for a delicious and refreshing beverage. Let sit to enhance the allspice flavour.

Grind fresh for the best flavour!

Ingredient: organic whole allspice 
Latin name: pimenta dioica
Country of origin: India
Store in a cool, dry place.
Our allspice spice bag and labels are 100% plastic free and compostable.

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