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Celery Seed - Jar 48g


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Sprinkle organic celery seed in soup stocks, shellfish boil, meatloaf or dressings. Celery seed is a great alternative to celery stalks when you're wanting the celery flavour without the stringiness of the stalks. 

Celery seed pairs well with chicken and cheeses, especially blue cheese, feta, goat cheese, and Gruyere. It pairs well with other herbs like basil, bay leaf and chives. Try adding a little celery seed to your potato salad for that extra celery flavour. They have a strong flavour, so don't go overboard! 

Hot tip: Grind celery seed with a spice grinder, mortar and pestle or food processor and mix in a 1:2 ratio with salt for your very own homemade Caesar rim mix!

Ingredient: organic whole celery seeds
Country of origin: Egypt 
Latin name: apium graveolens

Store in a cool, dry place

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