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FREE SHIPPING when you spend $79+ within Canada.

Citronella Essential Oil, Organic


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Citronella essential oil is uplifting and refreshing, and it's traditionally been used to ward off insects. But did you know that it's effective in scaring off the cold, flu, and fatigue too? Diffuse a few drops in your home for an uplifting aroma. 

Blends well with: geranium, lemon, scotch pine, and cedarwood. 

Size: 10mL - 1/3 oz

Latin name: cymbopogon nardus
Country of origin: India
Extraction method: steam distillation
Part distilled: fresh grass
Odour: fresh, crisp, lemony

Cultivation method: certified organic

Certified organic by Pro-Cert

Disclaimer: The information listed above is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any diseases.