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FREE SHIPPING when you spend $79+ within Canada.

Organic Mace, Whole


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Grind our organic whole mace onto your proteins, fruit cobblers, and yogurt for a light, warm flavour.

Mace is the unique looking covering the contains the nutmeg seed. Although mace and nutmeg have similar flavours, mace is lighter, subtler, and sweeter than nutmeg. It's got a hint of citrus and cinnamon to it. Use mace instead of nutmeg when nutmeg would be too heavy of a flavour. Think chicken, light fish, over fruit, in yogurt, cookies, and sprinkled on roasted root vegetables. This is definitely an underrated, very usable spice. 

Format: dried whole mace

Country of origin: India

Latin name: myristica fragrans 
Certified organic by: Pro-Cert

Store in a cool, dry place.