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Goldenmilk Turmeric Chocolate Sampler Set

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The Goldenmilk sampler set includes one 228g pouch of Goldenmilk Elixir Mix and four Goldenmilk Turmeric Chocolate Bars. Perfect for sharing!

Inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic goldenmilk beverages from India, we added organic cocoa powder to create two unique and delicious superfood chocolate products. Our Goldenmilk Elixir Mix is wonderful with warmed milk or your favourite milk alternative, or in smoothies, yogurt, or granola. Our Goldenmilk Chocolate Bar is a delicious snack on its own, with a bittersweet and delicious flavour. Indulging never felt so good!

Each chocolate bar contains 5000mg of gut-friendly turmeric. One tablespoon of Elixir Mix contains 2500mg of turmeric. 

Sweetened with organic coconut sugar. Vegan and soy free. 

All of our chocolate products are made with cacao sourced from the Dominican Republic. We buy our cacao directly from the farmers at a price that they have set themselves. This is chocolate we can all feel good about. 


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